Tree Alphabet

imagePoet Mandy Haggith is in residence in July at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) as part of the Walking with Poets project.

Passionate about trees, she is celebrating Scotland’s native tree species throughout her residency.  Mandy is using the Gaelic alphabet to help guide garden visitors and in addition to her own poetry will use poems about trees from the world over to celebrate nature.

There are pages with poems and folklore for each of the trees in the alphabet – follow the links below or the pull-down menu above.

Birch / Beith
Rowan / Luis
Alder / Fearn
Willow / Suil
Ash /Nuin
Hawthorn / Uath
Oak / Dair
Holly / Tinne
Hazel / Coll
Bramble / Muin
Ivy / Gort
Blackthorn / Straiph
Elder / Ruis
Pine / Ailm
Gorse /Onn / Teine
Heather / Ura
Aspen /Eadha
Yew / Iogh


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