Dawyck Programme

Gerry LooseSeptember is the fourth month and fourth residency of the Walking With Poets project.  Gerry Loose will be at Dawyck, near Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

Gerry has worked in agriculture as well as editing, designing and creating gardens and poetry, and he has lived also in England, Ireland, Spain and, briefly, in Morocco.  He says his poetry is as likely to appear in his gardens – and ungardened landscapes – as it is on the page.  He has made several films and staged his own plays and art exhibitions.

He has also worked with the Botanic Gardens in Kyoto and his ‘Seed Catalogue’ exhibition and book gave him access to gardens round the world, from New Zealand to Siberia.


Gerry is in the garden throughout the month.  You will definitely find him when he is scheduled to be there – see the programme for details of events below.  Please note he will not be in Dawyck between 8 and 16 September.   Formal events take place at 11am and 3pm daily (when in residence!) with a couple of exceptions – Bestiary Day, Insect Day and Flag Day, when you will find Gerry in the cafe or out in the garden with visitors.  Just join him.

All events are free with Garden Admission 

Day/Date Time Details
Sunday 1st 2pm – 5pm Meet the poet (either café or gazebo)
Monday 2nd 11am Bring your poems to the gazebo – discussion and readings.
  3pm – 5pm Drop in session: Café/gazebo
Tuesday 3rd 3pm – 5pm Drop in session (& vote for a Tree For Scotland)
Wednesday 4th  11am Meet the poet (bring your poems; discussions of the garden and the natural world, together with poetry; readings)
  3pm – 5pm Walk to Dynamo Pond with poems and discussion of renewable energy sources
Thursday 5th  11am Walk along the David Douglas Trail; poetry from Turtle Island (native American name for their continent). Discussion of plant hunting and colonialism.
  3pm -5pm Drop in session (café/gazebo)
Saturday 7th 11am tbc -Origami paper boats containing poems on water and wishes.  After making poems and folding them into boats, there will be a launch of boats and wishes from Dynamo Pond (approx 2:30 pm)
Tuesday 17th  11am Knitting poems. (café/gazebo)
  3pm -5pm Borders Poems; readings and discussions of traditional Borders poetry.
Wednesday 18t  11am  Walk to Cryptogamic Sanctuary; poems and discussions at Chalet and on route
  3pm -5pm Drop in session
Thursday 19th  11am  Walk to Native Scots Pine Wood poetry and discussions on “What is native”
  3pm -5pm Drop in session
Friday 20th   Bestiary: The Day of Imaginary plants, beasts and birds
Saturday 21st 11am Walk along the David Douglas Trail, more poetry from Turtle Island
  3pm -5pm Poetry workshop: Cultivated / Wild
Monday 23rd 11am Knitting poems
  3pm -5pm Drop in session
Tuesday 24th  11am  Seasonal walk; poems of autumn: colours, scents and poems
  3pm -5pm Making autumn poems (drop in)
Wednesday 25th   Insect Day:  Making and reading poems, discussion, drop in – all concerning insects of the Garden
Thursday 26th 11am  Plants Speaking: making poems from a plant’s point of view
  3pm -5pm Drop in session
Friday 27th  11am tbc  Flag Day: getting poems hoisted: on trees, bushes, ropes.  Knitted, woven, sewn, written and painted.
Saturday 28th  11am  Walk along the David Douglas Trail, poetry from Turtle Island
  3pm -5pm Poetry workshop: How plants travel
Sunday 29th 11am Making poems on birdlife, folded into origami birds and hung from adjacent tree
  3pm -5pm Drop in session (café/gazebo)
Monday 30th 11am Renga Poetry:  join a collaborative poem-making session based on the ancient Japanese art of poetry of love, the seasons, wildlife and plants.And farewell!


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