Aromatic? # 2

“Ah how swete and pleasaunt is Woodbinde, in woodes or arbours after a tender soft rayne : and how friendly doth this Herbe, if I may so name it, imbrace the bodies, armes and braunches of trees . . .” William Bullein., Book of Simples, 1562

How pervasive and allusive are plant names in our lives.
When I was a child it was wild woodbine we called honeysuckle, though the name is sometimes applied to bindweed.
Gerard in describing the latter may have had nicotiana in mind: ‘but unprofitable weedes and hurtfulle unto eche thing’.

So: not a plant label then, but a discarded cigarette packet at Dawyck. Wild woodbine has been tamed almost to extinction:



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