Scrape Burn, Dawyck

First Turtle Island working of the day:

Hold a conversation in which everything refers to water.

If you see a swallow overhead, say:
A swimmer in the sky

If you hear geese heading south, say:
The Scrape Burn trout are breaking wind

(after Navajo Language Event; Shaking the Pumpkin, ed. J Rothenberg)



2 thoughts on “Scrape Burn, Dawyck

  1. I hope you receive this. I love this one. I have just bought ‘Shaking the Pumpkin’ and am loving it. I went to Dawyck in August and loved it so am really enjoying your poems. I am only up For the week-end so it is a bit far to come from Moniaive. But well done for all your creativity. I am trying to write a poem about walking. Happy creating. Where do you go next? Ginny FitzRoy

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    • Hi Ginny, Frances here (I’m managing the Walking With Poets project for the Scottish Poetry Library). I shall pass on your message to Gerry our resident poet this September, I know he will be pleased to hear from you.

      After a wonderful summer, with a poet in residence in each of the four gardens of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh from June to September, this project ends this weekend, 30 September in Dawyck. The website and blog for Walking With Poets will remain online and I hope will be a found by more people who didn’t make it to a garden, but can share the experience in this way. Enjoy ‘Shaking the Pumpkin’ – I’m going to search it out in the library! Regards Frances

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