More from the Bestiary

Today at Dawyck, was the Bestiary; the day of imaginary plants, beasts and birds.

My position on this is quite clear. I feel no need to imagine these things, since what is around me is stranger still in all its wonder and diversity – the trees and bees, the waters and skies of Dawyck Botanic Gardens; but I love the imaginary creatures of other folk. The myths, the stories, the nightmares of dybbuks, the chimaera all astound and give me hope for the fecundity of human imagination.

Visitors here today provided strange creatures and they proved also the weird cultural richness of creativity and the hold that other beings have on us.


{Greater Mushroom Bird; Lesser Mushroom Bird; Fire Squirrel (with asbestos tail); Cat-Bird; Head-in-stomach Bear; Honey-Hog and many, many more}


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