The Dawyck Argosy

And of the flotilla, there were forty-two boats, well built and founded.

And their names were: Birch, Rainbow, Briar, Solan, Sappho, Finisterre, Mary Rose, Io, Sibbaldia, Harvester, Small Girl, Ox-eye Daisy, Rainbow Warrior, Cutty Sark, Russula, Destiny, Cho Mo Lung Ma, Gypsy Moth, Niobe, Kon Tiki, Douglas Fir, Penduic, Banana Boat, Proserpine, John Muir, Kaptianis, Wilson, SV George ? Wyllie, Flow, Waverley, Alice, Skank, Ocean Star, Cobra, Spree, Om Shanti, Dal Riada, Nicola, Little Mo, Seqouiadendron, Holly Rose, Chanterelle.

And of Admirals there were two, and their names were: Elwyn and Brodie.

And of our Ships’ Recorder it shall be known her name: Morven Gregor.

And of the launching it was in Scrape Burn, running down Scrape Glen in Dawyck.

And of the destination, it was the North Sea, lately crossed by Sir Patrick Spens (a skeely skipper) to Noroway.

“Be it wind, be it weet, be it hail; be it sleet,

Our ships must sail the faem;”

And of the dreams and of the prayers and and of the wishes of which I cannot speak, the cargoes and the ballast of our vessels, “they saw the new moon late yestreen”; tomorrow they come sailing safe to the strand. Safe to the strand.







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