Very Small, and Dancing on the Lawns

25Aug plant Charlotte's Poem

Charlotte’s Poem

I did first position under the palms.

I danced on the lawns.

I did cartwheels and handstands

beside purple flowers

and danced again

on the stepping stones.

A time of sharing poems on one of Logan’s most flawless days so far.  And I think Charlotte is our youngest poet yet, at two and a half.  I knelt down and said, you tell me your poem, I’ll write it down.  No messing, this is precisely what she said.  The line endings are her natural pauses to think of the next one.  Her big sister Kate, (7), was entranced by the Gunnera.

Kate's Poem

Kate’s Poem

Like a Jurassic swamp

in the Gunnera –

I was excited.

Its stalks were thick

like tree branches

but spiked

like Stegasaurus.

Delightfully, I was later able to share these two poems with at least two different sets of older people, who enjoyed them enormously.  I also handed out these little books to write in today and towards the end of a busy afternoon reading and making poems, I sat on a grassy knoll and – always road-test your own ideas – wrote a short poem for the Very Big.

Writing the Very Big and the Very Small

Writing the Very Big and the Very Small

The wind, just now
is letting
the trees sing
in tall voices.
Eucalyptus leaves wink
like silver medals,
flick away 
the cooing woodpigeons.

and an even shorter one for the Very Small:

Dangled Fuchsia flower
skirted, whirling, red and white – 
this garden’s earrings.




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