A Poem composed across the Lily Pond

That faint sense of peril

That faint sense of peril

Today Walking With Poets stumbled on a new form – a poem shouted into existence across the Lily Pond in Logan Botanic Garden.  I sat on a bench with my notebook and provided encouragement, while two lovely families who were not, up to that moment, known to each other, experimented on the stepping stones and called out lines.  Then we did a little edit.  Here it is:


Stepping stones: more fun

than being on the bank.

Always a wobbly one.

That faint sense of peril.

You are lured into

a sense of safety

by the third one

and then the fifth one –


But is there to be no risk

of falling in?

The sun shone, as I now believe it nearly always does at Logan, and I strolled around the garden talking to visitors.  Today lots of people wanted me to read them a poem, which was such a pleasure.  We shared Kathleen Raine’s short poem ‘Trees in Tubs’ (‘Little laurel trees, your roots can find/ No mountain, yet your leaves extend/ Beyond your own world into mine’), Walter de la Mare’s poem ‘A Widow’s Weeds’ (‘And peeps at her garden with bright brown eyes/ And all she has is all she needs – / A poor old Widow in her weeds’.)  And others…


3 thoughts on “A Poem composed across the Lily Pond

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