The Travelling Courgette Plant

courgette plant in potA cool grey morning slowly turned to heavy rain by mid afternoon.  David and Rosemary Allen came undercover, shaking waterproofs.  They’d come from Wales in their camper van.  We had a great conversation, during which they told me the story of their Travelling Courgette Plant.  I turned it into a poem for them.

We started it in our own invention – 

a self-watering pot.  And it did

so well we took it with us

in the camper van.  It was

four months on the road.

We started in Devon, then down

to Cornwall, where a salt gale

stressed the plant and it suffered.

But then it picked up, and we 

drove on to Oxfordshire.

It travelled in the shower cubicle

and when we stopped it sat

by the steps and took

the air and fruited.  Evenings, 

we’d cut a courgette, add bacon,

thyme and an egg.  

While the pasta boiled

we’d water it.



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