Involving a Rescued Millipede and the Joy of Hammering

This afternoon’s Poetry Treasure Hunt produced an unusual subject.  Here’s the poem (a joint effort) created by Emily, who I think would be about 7, with her mum and dad Gail and Donald and little brother Sam.

Millipede in the cafe, all black

and shiny and hard-shelled, curled

in a relaxed circle on the floor.

Emily saved it.  Now, it’s outside

making a new home

on a plant.

Hammering fingers

Hammering fingers

And in among the Make a Bird Feeder workshop, I made a poem for Beth and Niamh and Finn:

She hammers a nail held

in her father’s fingers.  She blinks

at each blow of sound,

Her baby brother grasps

his hammer, squeals

with joy and swipes

the nail.

Filling up with birdseed

Filling up with birdseed


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