Poem Seedlings

A day of sunshine and showers, in which I took the iPad out and made videos of Tree Ferns and the sound Gunnera makes in a wind.  Currently you’ll have to imagine this, because Logan is very near to the ends of the earth, and the iPad whirred away for an hour failing to upload a video…  I will try to fix this… am seeing if my battered laptop can do any better (er, not yet).

Gunnera manicata is the huge one.  So vast you have to look up through its leaves, which are many shades of green where they overlap each other.  They sound scratchy, and are barbed with rows and rows of teeth, shark-like.  And the Tree Ferns are captivating.  Their trunks are composed of fleshy roots, all the way up, and on the outside of, a strange, tubular centre which is what feeds the nodding fronds up above.  ‘Like green shuttlecocks’ as someone wrote, and left for us in the Seed Poem Tray.

This afternoon many Potted Poems were made by visitors passing through the Garden and the Poetry Yurt.  It was a delight discussing poetry, gardening, snails, loose rabbits, teaching, learning, Seamus Heaney, Shetland, herring and 4G coverage with them. Here’s a small flavour:

Sun 11Aug Seed Poem Tray today

The Seed Poem Tray today – so pleased to see new words and ideas contributed!

Some poems made from the Seed Poem Tray today.

Some poems made from the Seed Poem Tray today.


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