Poems out of leaves and porcelain

Fern in porcelain 10Aug

Fern pressed into porcelain

Today I took part in RBGE’s special activity day at Logan ‘The Science of Wood’ alongside ceramicist Lorna Fraser’s Big Craft Give-Away.  Under yet more of Logan’s apparently permanent sunshine, I made leaves in porcelain with a group of captivated children and passing adults.  The porcelain is smooth and cool, you roll it flat, then press designs into it.  Ferns, spores, seedheads, stalks, we pressed ’em all.

I kept stopping to scribble notes and ask questions, then scribble again.  Drums sounded from the walled garden.  Bamboo groves rustled.

I worked with the group for a while, turning out incredibly pleasing small objects, then settled down to write them a poem while they worked.  Which we shared.

Porcelain leaves drying 10Aug

Porcelain leaves drying

as fingers follow eyes

and patterns spring to sappy life

on desert white.

The palm trees clap

up there like wings.


#gardenpoet at work

#gardenpoet at work


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