Finding Feathers, and Toffee the Rabbit

FINDS bookmrThe Garden was languid in sunshine yesterday afternoon.  I set up my ‘Finds’ event and all was very peaceful.  Eventually I took my own ‘Finds’ book and some spares and set off into the Garden in search of the public.   On the way I found items of interest (a feather, a brightly coloured leaf, a top section of a bamboo stalk, very pointed and green, baby swallows, vast carp) and filled in my book… and talked to various people about gardens and poetry.


Finds day 7 Aug Toffee poem1 mr

When I got back to the Yurt the action started – a sighting of Toffee the Rabbit (she’s a literal garden escape) made this lovely lady sit down and write:  I was waiting/ in the bamboo/ for a panda/ to pass by



Finds day 7 Aug Toffee poem 2 mr And on the back of the label:  When a Toffee Rabbit/ garden fugitive/ hopped into view/ and loped out again.







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