Poems for a Walled Garden

Poems to Hang in a Walled Garden driftwoodLogan sunshine greeted the Walking With Poets launch today of ‘Poems to Hang in a Walled Garden’, to go on this beautiful Snow Gum Eucalyptus tree, must be one of the finest designated Poet Trees on the planet.

So please send us your poems!  We’re looking for ‘Poems to Hang in a Walled Garden’. They should be short, up to 6 lines. We will hang them from the Poet Tree.

FB them to us, send via comment on the blog, email to scottishpoetry@icloud.com.


Poety tree



3 thoughts on “Poems for a Walled Garden

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  2. Jean, I’ve just spent all morning trying to re-find the poem I read late last night about stepping stones ” – is there to be no risk – ” Please where can I find it again.
    Wonderful seeing you grow a poem, you are midwife of serendipity!

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