A Treasure Hunt for Garden Poems

Treasure Poem Map sheet mr

Jean’s Treasure Poem Map

This afternoon we hunted for poems, using a ‘map’ to help trail the elusive beasties…








Victoria and her Poetry Postcard mr

Victoria’s poem. Victoria was 3, her mum did the writing, but Victoria was in charge, believe me.


Here are some of the poems that were, with cunning and persistence, tracked to their lair.

(A primary school teacher came in and went away all smiles with a Treasure Poem Map to use in her school.  Who says teachers don’t work hard?  She was on holiday!)


Jean & Iona & P Postcard mr

This is Iona, with her poem, and me.

Victoria and her Poetry Postcard2 mr

Victoria actually produced four poems. She coloured this one in.


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