How Carp breed like Rabbits

Why we come to Logan Botanic Garden

The hydrangeas are lovely, they change
With the soil. The lilies
Are finding it hard in this heat.

Well, he was trying to be Tarzan
Climbing a rhododendron.

And see the size of those carp! They grow
To match the pond. Do fish
Have feelings?

I said, if you feed them like that
They’ll breed like rabbits.

By Anne and Jimmy, of Stranraer

20130805-163609.jpgI made this poem for Anne and Jimmy, who were anxious not to miss their bus back, by asking them to talk and then writing down the bits that hit the ear. We all enjoyed it.

And Kirstie spent a long time in the Yurt with me, making poem after poem. She grew up in the Rhins, and remembered playing in Logan Botanic Garden as a child, then bringing back her own small children to play here too. She made sheaves of small poems and tucked them inside a seed packet to take away. But she left me a perfect poem which we’ll hang up on the Poet Tree (Coming Soon!).

Scraping earth between the tangled roots –

each child makes their own mark,

repeating what has gone before.

And other nice folk came into the Yurt and made latin-ish poems on a seed packet… and the sun keeps on shining.


Kirstie working away beside the Seed Poem Tray


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