Bunting and Bees

Jean here! Today I’ve been hanging bunting on the Poetry Yurt, making signs and taking this amazing iPod malarkey out round the garden. Which is in sunshine yet again. I think it only mizzles gently here, while the Rhins slumber in Galloway’s utter darkness.

I’ve wandered to the farthest reaches of the Garden, through eucalyptus and tree fern groves. I’ve scraped alongside a Gunnera leaf. I won’t do that again.

I found a big, dark-leafed tree studded with red flowers. The label calls it ‘Southern Rata’ Metrosideros umbellata. The whole tree hummed with bees and hover flies.


Tomorrow I’ll be in the yurt, and offering garden poetry opportunities – at 2pm it’s Walk with a Poet, Grow a Poem. We walk, we share some poems, we add our words, lines, completed villanelles (not) to the Pot. Then we go back to the yurt to make poems from what’s ended up in the Pot. We will grow them.


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