Everything new – the aspen renga

Here is the renga we wrote at the Botanics. Thanks to Colin Will for being the master, and to all the poeticipants!

Everything new

A 20-verse (nijuin) renga held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 27th July, 2013

sun going in
sun coming out
poplars clapping

tall lads
from Lombardy

until the new moon
only bumble bees
and butterflies

wasps turn an old fence
into a new nest

white space arrives
between times
thorough and lost

a long tea break
throwing snowballs

quick water settles
and branches out
little wet presents

your laughter
splashes my heart

kids grow up
so fast these days
she’s taller than I am

without moving their feet
lilies dance

little boy comes in
wants to see
to the other side

hearing the geese
high above me

a pewter bothy

scuffing leaves
until you laugh again

a salmon fights
for home, back
but not back again

four girls
in search of a tan

pop the cork
slainte mhath
and how are you

who folded the petals away
so carefully

pale clouds
of spring
clothe the branches

everything new
under the sun.

Renga hosted by Mandy Haggith, led and with a schema by Colin Will. Poets in the circle: Eva, Mary, Barbara, Roger, Mandy, Mitch, Colin, Des, Anita


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