Tree hugging, in practice


Today’s tree alphabet species is that great tree hugger, ivy. Spurred on by the news that a new world record for tree hugging was set yesterday by a thousand people in Oregon, USA, a small group of huggers gathered to start some serious (OK, not that serious) training for an attempt to regain the record. We began, above, with the rather refined, introductory, or Listening Hug, then moved onto the Wonder Hug.


We then progressed to the Baloo Back-scratch. Then the Surrogate Hug, where the tree allows you to imagine you are hugging someone you otherwise cannot hug. We finished with Group Hugs, with the mantra: Please help me hug this tree, because this tree is bigger than me! No picture of that one, I’m afraid, as the photographer was too busy hugging.




Thanks to all who hugged and we’ll let you know if and when a world record challenge is planned.


4 thoughts on “Tree hugging, in practice

  1. more to tree-hugging than meets the eye
    trees were hugged but so was I
    don’t scoff at this ’til you give it a try
    then prepare to embrace them without reservation
    the tree, the need and the reason why

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