Where are all the butterflies?


There is a shortage of butterflies in the garden this year. Robert Mill, the garden’s wildlife expert, says that he thinks this is due to the terribly wet summer last year and the late frosts and snow in early spring this year. All the insects were late this spring, and butterflies are few. So few, in fact, that I haven’t seem any yet.

I’m posting flower picture here to encourage them…






2 thoughts on “Where are all the butterflies?

  1. Nice to meet you today Mandy. Here is the poem I wrote while I should have been listening to the talks this morning. Not about butterflies I am afraid. Imagine it as another set of bullet points on yet another power point slide.
    What is a garden for?
    * Chase a girl
    * Await a birth
    * Mourn a loss
    * Feed a bird
    * Open the heart

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