On the back of an envelope

Age rings of a tree trunk

Thanks to David for the following poem, which he literally handed to me written on the back of an envelope. That’s a phrase that gets used so often but I think this may be the first time it has happened to me in reality. But I’m always happy to receive a poem, whether it’s written in pencil on the back of an envelope or written in ink on parchment illuminated with finest gold leaf.

The Back-of-An-Envelope Poem
Exploration, Discovery, Contemplation;
Inspiring, provoking, season;
Essential, Dynamic, Majestic Nature.
Our vulnerable communal garden.

Don and David's wall

Thanks also to Tony for his third, terrific, tree-themed poem.

I am home…
Home to the bugs, home to the birds
Home to the butterflies,  home to the worms
Home to the creatures that fly and return.


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