Hidden talent

Astilbe glade

I felt sure the lush foliage of Benmore Botanic Garden was hiding a wealth of creativity. And now I have proof.

Many thanks to Neil for the following poems.

A tree struggles for support and survival.
Meanwhile, the soil itself is in need of protection.
Everything in our world is indelibly linked to everything else whether it is
Aware of it or not – no man is an island.

New tree bare branches

Hanging on
Roots grasping bank, like twisted arthritic fingers,
Exposed and vulnerable yet strong and protective.
Tree and soil cling together in symbiotic companionship
While the cold river moves on without a backward glance.

River by entrance

So little peace
There seems to be so little peace in the world, nation against nation, race
against race, creed against creed.
Yet in a garden, plants from around the globe co-exist in harmony.

Redwood, Ironwood, Stringwood,
Pines of Yellow, Red, Black and White.
No hostility here –
Continents collide in tranquillity.

Redwood lawn


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