Write hard and clear

White flower spray

Earlier on today I was talking of fountains and during the workshop I ran on Sunday, Rosemary, one of the participants, came up with an amazing image: a secret like a fountain, bursting to be told.

Two benches in Puck's Hut

It was lovely to meet both Rosemary and Paul and to be able to spend time writing together in Puck’s Hut

and then sharing what they wrote.

Ernest Hemingway said a writer should always, Write hard and clear about what hurts. And if we assume that what hurts us is what matters to us, then Rosemary and Paul wrote both hard and clear throughout the workshop.

They also left two really lovely tree-themed poems in the box in Puck’s Hut.

Sad trees by Rosemary Owen, Glasgow
Puck’s Hut:
A beacon in the distance.
Trees dance to the melancholy of the wind
As I descend.

Dedication plaque in Pucks Hut's

Shamans by Paul Mallon, Glasgow
Grand and tall, sleeping in the snow,
Seeding brethren in the valley and
Glens. The changing Others walk amongst you
with axe and saw, cutting, what tales can you tell?

Board in Puck's Hut

Paul, good luck with the novel.

Pink currant-type flowers

Rosemary, you are a florist, you just don’t do it full time for a living yet. Have faith in yourself and definitely keep writing… poetry is such a great way of finding your way through to what really matters.


6 thoughts on “Write hard and clear

  1. Sue, though I’d submit a ‘wee’ update following the inspiring workshop you captained a couple Sundays ago. Paul has managed to purchase a new printer, print out a ‘hard copy’ of his book, and is now moving steadily through the editing swamp! I have finished the school-year marathon and have ‘single-mindedly’ zeroed in on Project Florist. Checkout my new beginning at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rose-Lily-Florist/143785015812752 Cheers! Rosemary & Paul

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