Out of the box

Poem box

It is so nice when I go into Puck’s Hut and find tree-themed poems in the box. I guess it’s how a fisherman feels when he pulls up his lobster pot or eel trap and finds he’s caught something.

Here are some of the poems that have been left recently.

O mighty tree by Clinton Thompson
How fine thee look to me. Strong,
fast winds may blow. Snow may fall
but still thee grow mighty and tall.
Fire may scorch thee and cut thee down,
but we need wood to make more towns.

A song of green by Frances Mowat, Zimbabwe
Trees are what give us life.
They are the things that take away strife.
It is their songs they sing,
that make us fly from our given wing.
It is the colour green
that enhances what we’ve seen.
It is to trees that we can never repay
all the words they have let us say.

Window of Puck's Hut

Tall, tall trees
with green, green leaves
are nature’s key.
This I now see.

Smiles by Beth (she didn’t say where she was from)
Trees are beautiful. Trees are clean.
Without them where would we be?
They are part of us as we grow.
They have seen the past that we used to know.
They saw our ancestors happy and alive.
These trees will be here long after we’ve died,
for the next generation to come along
and see they beauty trees provide.
Trees bring smiles to all mankind.

Lawn with path

But we still want to hear more voices singing in celebration of trees; in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the planting of the Redwood Avenue. So whether you’re a visitor to Benmore; someone who works at any of the Scottish Royal Botanic Gardens (or any other garden for that matter); a member of staff or Friend of the Scottish Poetry Library or if you’ve just stumbled across this blog by mistake, please let your voice be heard.

Pick up your pen and get creative. All hands to the pump… the more the merrier… let us plant a forest of poets… an orchard of poems.


2 thoughts on “Out of the box

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  2. ‘All the words they have let us say’. I think that’s a perfect poem. Takes you simple, then moves you to its sweet and meaning conclusion

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