The red bed


William Carlos Williams wrote about a red wheelbarrow glazed with rain beside white chickens.

While Benmore has no shortage of rain (and we mustn’t curse it as the rain what makes the garden so luxurious), as far as I’ve seen, the only things that are red apart from some of the flowers are the spiral stairs in the courtyard

Red spiral stairs

and some of the clothes in the drying room (a very important place in the garden because, as I mentioned, Benmore has no shortage of rain);

Orange clothes in the drying room

but perhaps they are more orange than red. Yes, now I look again, they aren’t red but the kind of orange you see in a painting by Willem de Kooning (1904–1997… Dutch American…  abstract expressionist… absolutely fantastic… I so like his work).

But I digress, here at Benmore there are no chickens and the wheelbarrows are green.

However, Benmore does have an avenue of Redwood trees


and also a red bed. Well, to be more precise, a poem about one.

Thanks to John who was visiting from Rhu, who very kindly left the following poem in the box in Puck’s Hut.

I’ve put a picture below, so if you’re visiting Benmore you’ll know where to leave your four-line, tree-themed poem; one of the 150 we are collection to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the planting on Benmore’s Redwood Avenue.

puck's hut

But again I digress. Sorry. And sorry to John for keeping readers from his lovely poem.

The red bed by John, Rhu
There once was a tree that was red,
That when felled was made into a bed.
Its owner, named Fred, when he slept in that bed,
dreamed of forests that were dead.

At risk of pushing my luck, if you haven’t  yet submitted your tree-themed poem please do it soon. We’ve only got one more week in which to gather 150 poems to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the planting of Benmore’s Redwood Avenue.

Go on, get creative and make sure your voice joins the forest of voices celebrating the wonderful Redwoods.


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