Round the world in a day


One of the many great things about Benmore Botanic Garden is that you can see so many different landscapes.  You can wander through magnificent trees that may make you think of Scandinavia or North America.

You can linger by the pond.


Wander off into the slopes of the Himalayas or the Western provinces of China, ablaze with rhododendrons.


You can go on to Chile and admire the amazing Monkey Puzzle trees.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Past David and Don’s wonderful new wall.

Don and David's wall

You can climb up to the mountain kingdom of Bhutan and enjoy the view from the Bhutanese Pavilion.


You can have all this fun and still be back in time for tea.

Tea urn

I’d strongly suggest you take your tea in Benmore’s lovely café, where I bet you’ll be tempted by their delicious cakes. But this is the urn used by the gardeners. And I’m guessing it’s one of the most import bits of kit at Benmore… especially on a rainy day like this.


4 thoughts on “Round the world in a day

    • Many thanks, RB, you are very kind. To me there is something moving about a tree thriving far from its native environment. I couldn’t resist the comparison with Scotus Vagans (a favourite of Kenneth White).

  1. Dear Ian, I thoroughly agree. And I wish, wish, wish Kenneth White would write a poem for our 150th anniversary celebration. That would just be so cool.

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