Every trunk feels like a baked potato

puck's hut

I’ve just had a fun-filled morning spent with the lively and creative children and staff from Patchwork Nursery in Dunoon. Their motto is Patchwork Teamwork and that has been very much in evidence.

Luckily the rain held off and we divided into two groups. Each group spent some time walking round the garden and talking about what we could see, hear, smell and feel… no tasting, that was saved for lunch.

We then made our way to Puck’s Hut where each group worked as a team to write a poem about their walk.

The poems are below and very impressive they are too. Thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic and for coming up with such great descriptions. I’m sorry that when one of you mentioned a baked potato it made the rest of you all feel hungry… I hope you all enjoyed your lunch.

Patchwork are the first nursery or school group that I’ve had the pleasure to meet during my residency but if any other groups would like to come and have a walk and write a poem then do please get in touch.

However, be warned, I know it’s not a competition, but I think Patchwork Nursery have set the standard of poetry very high indeed.

Our Patchwork Teamwork Poem
Tall, terrific, tremendous trees.
Redwood trees in a hilly, Scottish jungle.
Every trunk feels spongy and tickly and like a baked potato or an elephant.
Every tree makes me feel excited, small, hungry and like sleeping on the grass or the stars.

Our brilliant tree poem
Tall trees in a garden that smells of strawberries and butter and chocolate spread.
Redwood trees in a garden full of seeds, leaves, castles, spider’s webs, midges, water and a fishy fountain.
Every trunk feels like a monkey, stones, a crocodile or a fluffy shark.
Every tree makes me feel happy, excited and noisy and I want to run fast down the Avenue.

Patchwork Nursery visit to Benmore Botanic Garden

Friday 14th June 2013


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