Rain stops play

Monkey Puzzle tree

Rain stops play

After threatening all yesterday, rain has finally arrived. And it looks like it’s settling in for the rest of the afternoon. I had been out in the garden walking and talking and writing poems with visitors but we’ve all now returned to the pavilion, so to speak.

In reality, the visitors have hurried off home or to their hotel or have taken shelter in Benmore’s lovely café. I’m back in the office drinking a very welcome, scalding hot cup of tea. The gardeners are all still outside working. I considered going out and taking a photograph of them labouring away. However, as I stood looking at the rain pelting on the window my discretion overcame my valour.

But, earlier, when I was out in the garden, I did have a great conversation with Siobhan about a tree that used to scare her as a child. She even wrote the following poem about it.

Monkey puzzle tree by Siobhan Gurney, Warwick
Where is the monkey? The puzzle?
I used to run past one on the way to school.
I was terrified that ravenous chimpanzees
would jump out and gobble me up.

I think gobble is just a brilliant word. I haven’t heard it used for ages.

If anyone else has a poem about a plant or tree that used to scare them as a child then please share it with us.

And I was really looking forward to joining the Tuesday walking tour round Benmore at 2.00pm, so please keep your fingers crossed that the rain stops by then and play can be resumed.



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