Lights, camera, action…

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet two lovely women from Detroit. They said I could say they were in their eighties, as long as I wasn’t any more specific than that. They didn’t look a day over seventy and if I have half their energy and enthusiasm for poetry, travel, people, cooking, gardening, swimming, walking, the theatre, music and new ideas when I am in my eighties I shall think myself very lucky indeed.

They wrote two fine poems which you can read below.

And after I’d done an impromptu reading for them, they said how lovely it would be to be able to hear all the other four-line, tree-related poems that had been written as part of this project… and to see and hear the people who had written them. Josie said, (and I have permission to quote) It would be like an international forest of poets, singing in harmony in a June breeze… inspiring… soothing… an international community orchard where the poets are the trees and their poems are the fruit… nourishing… ripe… wonderful.

I find the idea that we could create a forest of poets utterly inspiring, so we are working on it!  I’ll keep you up dated.

And talking of being inspired, here are the poems written by Josie and Dorothy

Untitled by Josie Emmerson, Detroit
I wonder how many flies and beetles and mites
and grubs and larvae and creatures
I don’t even know the name of, live in a Redwood tree.
Multiply that by fifty and I start to itch.

Skyscrapers by Dorothy Ramone, Detroit
No concrete and glass just living wood.
No lifts and offices and restaurants.
No traffic, just grass in their shade
and the shade of my long, long shadow



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