Getting Intrepid

Bhutan pavilionExplorer is the name of the buggy that enables people who might struggle walking across Benmore’s steep terrain, to see the Fern House, the Bhutan Pavilion and other far reaches of the garden.

I always want to call the buggy Endurance rather than Explorer.

I’m fascinated by Shackleton’s journey, after his ship Endurance was crushed in the Antarctic pack ice. I can’t imagine how he got from Elephant Island to South Georgia in the 20 foot long lifeboat, James Caird. Worsley’s navigational skills must have been exceptional.

And after achieving that, Shackleton walked 32 mileswith Worsley and Crean over mountainous terrain for 36 hours to reach the whaling station at Stromness.

Now that’s a walk I would really, really, really like to do. Gosh I would.

But back to Explorer.

George drove magnificently and at the same time provided a superb running commentary about the plants and the history of the garden. If you’d like to see Benmore but are uncertain about how you’ll fare on its rugged terrain then I can’t recommend this tour enough.


ps   And remember to send your 4 line poem in celebration of Benmore’s 150 year old Redwood’s!



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