The Morning After the Night Before

Well, more accurately, the morning after the day before… the day in question being Benmore Botanic Garden’s annual Open Day.

landscape vistaNo one here has a hangover following the festivities but we are all pretty tired. And it does seem as if, yesterday evening, when people were packing away the stalls and the marquees, they also packed away the hills. I’ve looked and looked but I can’t see them anywhere.

But forgive my ignorance. I’m not from round here and the mystery has now been solved.

Yesterday the sun shone gloriously but today the clouds have descended. They are so thick and so low that the whole, carved-by-glaciers, hilly-mountain landscape looks very different or it would do if you could see it.

But we were grateful that the sun shone yesterday.

The final numbers haven’t been gathered yet but we think over nine hundred people enjoyed the wonderful plants, trees and buildings of Benmore Botanical Garden. The venison burgers were so popular they sold out; the HMS Neptune band (all volunteers and all very talented) kept everyone entertained; there were plants and crafts for sale; a potter helped children throw pots on a wheel and other children had their faces painted and then turned cartwheels round the Formal Garden.

I say Formal Garden, and it is, but what was lovely about the Open Day was the informality of the proceedings. At Benmore Botanic Garden, there are no signs saying Keep off the grass so couples and families sat around on the grass and chatted or spread out a blanket and ate their picnics. Food eaten outside is always a feast, one small child told me as he bit into his sandwich.

And talking of eating, I just know I’m going to enjoy my time at Benmore. Up in the office, Peter and Sybil’s fridge doesn’t contain milk. It’s full of apple juice, jam and brown sauce – which in my opinion covers all the essential food groups.


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